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That looked promising, but then... Previews for four generic zones that don't look like "Shadowlands" at all?

I mean, new place, whatever, and it's full of new civilized races and factions? The hell? The Shadowlands should have been empty, full of savage beasts, or full of dead echoes from races of ancient past, not just a bunch of generic new guys which could belong pretty much anywhere in the universe.

I mean, what's the point?

Whatever, I don't know. I was looking forward to a "continent of the dead" kind of thing, yet it's the same thing as Pandaria and Broken Isles again; which don't get me wrong, it made sense there (we could argue Broken Isles weren't what was depicted in the first place, but still), but here? Imagine getting an Emerald Dream or an Elemental Planes expansion and it's just full of the same races from the surface. It's just lame.

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