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The deeper problem is that Blizzard can't do interesting or consistent characters, much less interesting or consistent villains.

MMOs are an awful format for any kind of storytelling. The whole point of an MMO is that you're an adventurer going on adventures with your friends and making your own stories. The story of WoW consists of you passively watching as NPCs solve the plot, while your own contributions are irrelevant. It's not a game, but a theme park ride.

RTS was a better vehicle for that sort of thing. Not that Blizzard wrote their RTS stories any better, but in capable hands the campaign format is better for any kind of character-driven stories.

The problem is that RTS is terrible for high fantasy. The gameplay of RTS consists of managing armies. So it's great if you want to tell military fiction, political thriller, etc. Focusing on epic heroes at the expense of world building the factions, politics, logistics, etc defeats the whole point of using the RTS format in the first place.

If you just want a story of epic heroes fighting epic villains, then write prose, draw a comic, or produce a movie. Maybe an RPG or MOBA is a better fit. Don't ruin the RTS format by ignoring its inherent militaristic atmosphere.

That's why I liked Command & Conquer over the *Craft stories. C&C better acknowledged that what characters it had were part of factions fighting for their causes and relate-able concerns, not solely interpersonal drama by a handful of epic characters that magically overrode the concerns of every other person in the universe. It did the ecological catastrophe subplot far better than WC3 did with the plague.

Simply put, Blizzard can't do military fiction that would be ideal for the RTS format. C&C did it far better, although that's not to say C&C was perfect by any stretch.
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