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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
My issues with TBC are more so with the storytelling. It's the one expansion that DOESN'T make a huge point of "Alliance and Horde defeating the main bad guy", but the idea of signing up to fight for Shattrath just doesn't work for the Horde characters, IMHO (especially the blood elves, who spend HFP questing helping gather FEL BLOOD, but then decide "You know what, glory to the draenei gods").

EDITE: Hell, it seems like Shattrath was intended to be an Alliance base at some point, hostile to blood elves.
I think this is in part due to the Player Character being shown the path the blood elf pilgrim's took to reunite with Kael (and co) and how it was one big snake oil trick, things get a bit fishy in Hellfire before you start working for the Scryers (if you pick em') and discover that a lot of the pilgrims tended to end up as slave labour or worse in Netherstorm (Hello Foreman Sundown).

Honestly it always felt like TBC tried too much at once and tried to get it all told in one expansion. Which has become a very recurring issue with Blizzard, Battle for Azeroth is another good example.

Honestly if TBC was kind of like vanilla in that there wasn't one destined big bad but a loads of local ones (e.g Gruul) and between these you see the blood elves make their pilgrimages, the desperation they're in and so on. Kael getting increasingly inured to more extreme measures. Essentially setting a solid base for the whack-a-kael.

And the next playing out in a similar vein as to how it did, it would have been an easier meal to tackle. It honestly needed a lot of TLC and a bit more patience with the story telling. A shame we'll never get the Kael novella, at least Micky still feels bummed out he never got to finish it.

Then again the next expansion had Arthas play 5-demensional Hungry Hippos and got murked for it.
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