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Default Tinfoil Hat Theory: War and Peace, the two gods of Warcraft

There are only two gods in Warcraft, War and Peace

All cosmic forces fall under them. Like Nature and Order (and others) under Peace, and Disorder (and others) under War.

Light and Shadow are at the meeting points of War and Peace, which is why you see both strong representations of peaceful light, warlike light, peaceful shadow and warlike shadow.

Both War and Peace choose their champions (more than one) and influence them by inspiring their subconscious. It was War who told Vol'jin to make Sylvanas Warchief. But Vol'jin, as a champion of peace (like Baine, Anduin and Velen), has been touched by the hand of valor (the hand of Peace) after his passing.

Sylvanas' actions since the end of Wrath were a direct influence of War, which grew stronger over time, culminating on Teldrassil and the wish to kill hope.

Because there is no Peace without hope.
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