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Huh, interesting, just yesterday I was thinking the same thing, at least about the war side of it.
Sylvanas after getting Xal'atath says some lines, including ".. War is a living thing. It writhes, it grows, twisting and turning until its final form is revealed." and I thought, what if she is talking literally, not figuratively? Because "Everything that is, is alive." (from Unbroken), which in Warcraft usually means that even abstract concepts have some kind of an avatar or a spirit, that can interact with the world.

After reading your post I thought that maybe Elune would be a good fit for the spirit of peace. But she has a face for war too, which... I don't know, kind of defeats the purpose? Unless peace is not complete peace and can maybe fight for peace in the most dire circumstances, like.. not for conquest, not for personal gain or power, but for sheer survival and the restoration of peace.

On the other hand, if we have an avatar for peace and one for war, waging war for self-defense and survival is the job of this avatar too, not only conquest and power. That would make it more... morally grey on the whole. ....if we still think that entities can be grey.
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