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Originally Posted by Rotal View Post
Waitwaitwaitwaitwait - this Borderlands-thingy ISN'T an Ego Shooter? 'cause i don't give a shit about the Borderlands ego shooters but i'm a Telltale Adventure game whore. Is this something i, as a non-fan who knows absolutely nothing about the story, can get behind storywise? 'cause if so i need to play this. Do i need to play this?
I hated Borderlands. Its FPS mechanics were boring, the art style made me want to gouge my eyes out and its humour was extremely meh. I still - hesitantly - picked it up because it was Telltale. Needless to say I loved it which probably in part came from my total lack of hype, but yes from somebody who only had the bare details about the plot I got behind it easily enough. It focuses more on the characters than the 'world' anyway. It might help to know who Handsome Jack is but other than that? Nah.

Edit: another thing. Am i understanding it correctly that the Game of Edge game is going to be set in the show's continuity? Or did they just use the actor designs and the seasons-as-time-marker for the broader audience? (in essence: do we know in which canon, if any, this is set?)
It's show canon, not the books, yeah. If I remember right the Forresters are one of the Houses who aid Stannis but there's not much information there otherwise.
Originally Posted by Feltongue View Post
you're the edgemaster 9000 with the leet memes who's close second to Gurzog in shitposting.

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