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So is Telltales' take on Batman one that was popular before i was born? Because at this point this is less "Batman The Telltale Series" and more like "Bruce Wayne dressing up as Batman occasionally also The Beast is playing Harvey Dent i guess and we're having soap opera crap happening, don't mind us we're just ruining the masquerade within the span of a single game to make absolutely sure there won't be a second one, but that's okay because it's really fucking lame".

That's, uh, that's kind of a long title. Just... is anyone enjoying this one? If so, good goddess, why? Who's writing that whimpy dialogue for Bruce Wayne? Who thought it was a good idea to treat Bruce Wayne like an actual character? Did they not get the memo?

Batman has been quite disappointing so far, and not just in the usual Telltales ways. I think i'll give Walking Dead 3 a chance but if that one craps out too i'll probably stop buying their games. They need some new writers. Wolf Among Us Season 2 when
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