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I am happy because it means I will be able to replay this game after years of ignoring it and it might inject some life into the flagging RTS and modding communities.

Unfortunately the lore has received so many retcons in the interim that I can no longer care for the actual lore of Warcraft. It is too much of a mess for me to follow anymore.

I was originally introduced through Warcraft 3 so I wasn't confused by the newly retconned backstory involving the burning legion and the night elves and such. But after reading about Warcraft 1 and 2, I realize that Warcraft 3 was a mistake.

The whole generic doomsday villain cliche no longer holds appeal for me. I like the idea behind Warcraft 1 and 2 because the villains are not generic doomsday villains. The orcs are invading Azeroth in pursuit of resources since their homeland is a dying world, and they don't care about the human lives they are displacing to do it. This is completely believable given our own history.

Shoehorning in all that stuff about generic evil gods and their demonic legions trying to destroy the universe just makes everything look like childish scribbles.

The Warcraft Chronicle retroactively rendered every conflict pointless because the universe is doomed anyway. The titans cannot do anything to stop the void and it will eventually consume the universe, and the demons' solution is to destroy the universe even faster. This is nihilistic garbage.

Warcraft 3 still suffers the problem of generic doomsday villains. None of the factions actually have their own motives, and solely react to the first strikes of the Burning Legion. Without the demons, I doubt there would have ever been a third war.

If you have the armies of Alliance, Horde, Sentinels and Scourge, what kind of remotely sympathetic or at least believable reason would they have to come into conflict without the intervention of plot device demons?
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