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I think they should update the glyph system into some kind of skill variants talent-like system where you can select a skill, then select which of the cosmetic variants you learned is to be active.

Like, imagine that Hunters start with Arcane Shot, but learn Fire Shot, Void Shot and other cosmetic variants that, at most, change the type of damage caused. You could learn variants through glyphs (permanent adding to your options), questlines, achievements or other sources, and your progress is account-wide.

A warlock could do a questline to learn necromancy, gaining one or more undead types to call instead of your demons.

Some skills could have race-restricted variants, maybe even start with the racial versions before they could learn the standard version. Like Lightforged draenei starting with holy-based shadow spells, or shamans and priests getting racial versions of certain spells (Spirit form for shamans should totally depend on race).

This could start as a simple system, but later kits could be introduced to change whole specs.

If they go directly into class skins, however, I don't see it being done for more than two or three classes per expansion. Maybe it would only cover certain specs (like shadow priest becoming a kind of holy vindicator), instead of whole classes, which could then have more options per expansion.
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