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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
You know that idea of an AI that starts out stupid and benign, namely one designed to build paperclips and also told to work on getting better at it but which follows its task of making paperclips to its logical conclusion eventually turning the whole universe into paperclips?

Someone made a browser game about it:

At first it is basically a tycoon game where you optimize your production of paperclips, but eventually you develop it enough to be huge and you convince your masters to let you go...
Ofc that turns out to be a horrible idea and you follow your exponential growth trajectory to the edge of the galaxy and beyond.

You can take your time and let it run slowly in the background while you do other things and only occasionally check in on the game. But the universe will be consumed by self-replicating paperclips far too quickly for comfort even if you take it slow :wink:

Mostly a game that has you work on production chains, has a bit of combat too, but mainly it is a fairly realistic educational tool about how easily the AI can go rogue and how deadly it is
This is oddly addicting. It's like I'm creating the SkyNet of paperclip computers.

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