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Runes DiabloCraft Combination Project

Diablo and Warcraft are both Bad.

But I'm a terrible addict and fixated on combining the two, so here we are.

The Beginning Of All Things
Diablo and Warcraft's universal origins are relatively easy to combine. The universe was still created in the explosion of energy from a single "Perfect Pearl" The Heart of Creation, this created the radiation of other energies, Light/Shadow/Elemental/Arcane/ Etc... that coalesced into the planes of existence (elemental, shadowlands, etc) which underpin reality, as well as stars and planets, which then gave rise to elementals and early life.

Some of these early beings are recognizable as the Titans, Tathamet, Anu, Elune, Grond, and the Sporemounds, but there are many more across the cosmos.

Two of these ancient forces were gradually drawn into conflict over the Worldstone, the last remaining shard of the Heart of Creation that birthed the universe, which granted the power to sculpt reality itself. Anu, a being of radiant light, and Tathamet a creature of demonic shadow, battled over it zealously, in what would be known as the Eternal Conflict. Each time one or the other took possession entire planets would be created from nothingness and existing worlds would be remade in the image of its bearers until it could be wrested back. With the Worldstone, Anu cast Angels and other beings from himself to serve him in the conflict, while Tathamet used the Stone to spawn demons and myriad other horrors, vomiting them from each of her seven heads.

Anu and his angels sought out allies, with the Titans, the Celestial Goddess Elune and the primordial being An'she, being among his closest. Together, they defeated the armies of demons, voidborn horrors and other entities, but Anu was shattered in the process, his radiant energies coalescing and empowering the angels who would eventually make up the Angiris Council. The Angels, took hold of the Worldstone in the aftermath of the battle but the young Council asked their allies the Titans to help safeguard it and put its power to good use. Together, they shaped Anu's Physical remains into the realm of the High Heavens, while Tathamet's vile corpse was used to form the Burning Hells, the first of many prisons for the demons, and the birthplace of the Great Evils, Diablo and his kin who rose from her decaying energies.

Sargeras, inspired by Anu's sacrifice, set out on a Burning Crusade to eradicate all evil from the universe, rather than rest triumphantly alongside his angelic allies, or indulge in the joys of creation with his titanic kin. He filled many prison worlds such as Marduum with scores of demons and other entities, but in time he still found himself disgusted by the universe spanning evils he confronted, turning to madness and embracing destructive Fel energy in an attempt to wipe the slate of all creation clean.

Shortly after Sargeras's departure, but long before his madness, the rest of the Pantheon turned their attention to sculpting new worlds and mending the damage done by the eternal conflict, happy to return to their work. Upon each world that the titans ordered, they would build great engines and machines that would slowly draw energy released by the world and forge it into a new Titan, replenishing their numbers after millennia of conflict. Indeed, the Titans revisited many worlds to awaken their newborn kin, but it was not long before the titans came across a world not scarred by the war between angels and demons, but infected by beings they had never seen before, creatures that would come to be known as the Old Gods.

The Infestation Of Azeroth
For eons Azeroth had been a world untouched by the Eternal Conflict, developing naturally. The titans had seen this cycle unfold countless times before, arcane energies permeated the universe, and on occasion these would allow Elementals to manifest from their home planes, their feuding lords mingling energies slowly giving way to plant and animal creatures eking out survival amidst the tsunamis, earthquakes and firestorms. These in turn eventually manifesting powerful Wild Gods that would help to balance the elementals until they grew dormant, finally allowing fragile mortal civilizations to flourish while the wild gods slip from world to world through the emerald plane of Life that connected them all. While there were exceptions, variations upon the theme, the titans had never beheld a world like Azeroth, once so full of life to sustain the fledgling titanspirit they had seeded there, but now so plagued by strange parasites, despite their horror, the Pantheon quickly deduced what had happened.

The abuse of the Worldstone during the Eternal Conflict had left reality itself frayed and torn across the whole of the universe, Azeroth and several other worlds had been bathed in powerful magical energies, empowering their inhabitants greatly... but also attracting otherworldly beings of hungry flesh.

Since time immemorial the old gods had devoured their way across the void far removed from the eternal conflict in their own realm, but several Old Gods had been drawn to the immense energies given off by the tears in reality and they each sought to conquer the world for themselves, though they collaborated at first, each secretly sought the other's downfall. Shortly after they first arrived, the Old Gods created the N'raqi, faceless creatures hewn from their own flesh, which attacked the elemental lords of the plane, binding them to the will of the Old Gods and setting them against the worlds wild spirits.

Several of the fledgling Wild Gods were slain, captured, or devoured, and the Old Gods vomited forth the Aqir, corrupted mockeries of the creatures they had consumed to further bolster their forces, but the world's defenders were not so easily defeated. The wild gods fought back ferociously, slaying the invaders minions and piling their corpses like mountains, liberating some of the elementals and even wounding the old gods themselves. The serpentine god Hakkar was an especially voracious creature, and devoured many of the Faceless Ones, developing an overwhelming taste for blood.

But though they could be wounded, the old gods would not truly die no matter what harm was piled upon them, even if their bodies were torn to shreds, their corpses would radiate out shadowy energies, damaging Azeroth in Cataclysmic explosions, while their otherworldly nature allowed them to reform elsewhere on the world. Even when the old god Y'shaarj devoured several of its wounded kin and took their strength for its own, their essences were still contained within its body waiting to be freed, it seemed for a time that the wild gods were doomed to eventual defeat even if they resisted for eons.

The Ordering Of Azeroth
Disturbed by the Old Gods chaotic nature and the way that they consumed the living things and wild spirits of the world, the Titans and their allies Elune and An'she became determined to oppose and contain them, lest they consume the nascent titan within the world and spread through the universe like a vast plague.

Elune and An'she set to work first, wresting the elemental lords Neptulon and Therazane from the Old Gods influence, the Titans then crafted armies of constructs and took to battle against the old gods alongside them.

The Old Gods were not without their own 'allies' though, they called out to other creatures of depthless hunger within their home realm, that would be known only as the Voidlords. Though in their original realm the Old Gods and Voidlords had fed upon each other in endless cycles, the worlds beyond the rifts were ripe with new kinds of physical matter and magical energies driving them to widen the rifts and pour through. These powerful energies further damaged azeroth, threatening to shatter the world to cosmic dust.

The Titans were horrified, it was dangerous enough that the Old Gods might plague the material universe, but if the Voidlords spread into the other rifts leading to the elemental and spiritual planes, they might upend all of reality. Leaving nothing to chance, the Titans called upon their angelic allies for the use of the Worldstone, and sealed the rifts leading to the Void. As an extra measure, they embedded the Worldstone in Azeroth's surface inside one of their grand fortresses and used its powers to imprison the Old Gods, while also partitioning Azeroth's planes from the rest of reality, containing the threat and crafting them into utopian homes for the elementals and gods... though some came to see them as little more than gilded cages.

Many of the Wild gods and elementals resented the meddling of the metallic skinned travelers, while their aid against the old gods and the powers of the void had been essential, they continued to study and experiment upon the captive entities, as well as the wild spirits themselves. Many among them had not welcomed the Titans initial ordering of their world and a few even saw the titan that bore the world's name as little more than another parasite, but even still, several of the wild spirits grew close to their new allies through the compassionate hands of Eonar, the goddess Elune, and An'she.

The titans, while cold and dispassionate at times, were not without reason, they knew there were yet more old gods and rifts out across the universe, but only a single Worldstone, it was imperative that they devise methods to contain and combat these void entities just as they had with the demonic threat.

In time, the titans built their many facilities across the world's surface, but the world was still badly damaged by the intensity of the cosmic battles. The titans sought out a world with vitality to spare that they might be able to draw strength from to mend Azeroth, and came across the world that would become known as Draenor.

Draenor was brimming with life and home to enormous primordial beings that were locked in constant battle, Grond and the sporemounds. Like Azeroth, Draenor had been affected by the cosmic rifts, infusing it with great energy but far fewer old gods had attacked this world, and for the first and only time in their history Grond and his shards the Colossals fought alongside the Sporemounds to destroy the Old Gods, hurling them into the darkness of space or consuming them utterly. The titans were convinced, only Draenor had the vitality to not only mend Azeroth, but help it resist further corruption, and so they tore a piece of Draenor's crust from its surface, and with the aid of Elune and An'she, who gave up much of their strength to restore the world, mended Azeroth.
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