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The Madness of Sargeras and the Burning Legion

Long before the Demonic resurgence, or the Pantheon's encounter with the Old Gods upon Azeroth, Sargeras's once valiant attempt to rid the universe of evil was driving him to madness. Sargeras had set out with only a modest army of titanic and angelic followers, and though the warmhearted titan took on a scant few allies as they fought their way across the universe, Sargeras was continually dismayed by the seeming universality of evil. There was no shortage of demonic holdouts even after Tathamets end or mortal civilizations that suffered under their influence. Worse yet, Sargeras found numerous other forms of evil on his long journey, as even without demonic influence or the corruptive whispers of old gods, mortals, gods, and other beings were all capable of the same cruelty and malice that the demons showed.

Without the balancing influence of the other angels and titans, Sargeras and his army slowly began to lose themselves in zeal, convinced if they only fought harder, faster, more ruthlessly, that they might achieve their goal. But as time passed they witnessed the same tragedies again and again, acted out in different worlds, and eventually they encountered the same rifts in reality that had been born of the Worldstone's abuse.

Seeing the otherworldly horrors that poured from the rift to pollute the material universe, Sargera's mind experienced a terrible clarity, the universe was inherently flawed and doomed to fall to corruption, the only solution would be its total destruction... and then to recreate it anew. Sargeras's madness spread to his followers as they began tapping into dangerous fel energies with wild abandon, 'cauterizing' the rifts and beginning their crusade with new, twisted, vigor. Instead of simply destroying or imprisoning demons or creatures they encountered Sargeras would infuse them with fel energy and bind them to his will, knowing that to purge the whole of reality he would need a force like no other, an army of demonic ferocity, with titanic discipline, and angelic zeal. A Burning Legion.

Knowing that his path would set him at odds with his former allies, Sargeras continued further into the Great Dark, searching for a world upon which to set the foundation for his terrible Legion. After destroying several potential worlds, he set upon the demonic stronghold of Argus. The world was home to the Eredar, diabolic sorcerers long separated from the corpse of Tathamet that had built up their own twisted civilization. The Dark Titan overwhelmed its Triumvirate and set them at the head of his new Legion's demonic forces.

It would be many millennia before the Pantheon and his former allies would become aware of Sargeras and his mad crusade, only whispers of unnatural green flame among stray demons reaching them, lost among the countless other evils of the universe. Sargeras believed the worldstone crucial to reforming reality once evil had been purged from it, and thought it still secure within the high heavens, planning only to return once the Legion was strong enough to overcome their defenses.

The Exodus Of Inarius and Lilith

Inarius was a powerful angel that reported directly to the Angiris council, a hero of the light that had slain countless demons and was renowned for their intelligence, skill, and wisdom. Despite all of his accomplishments though Inarius was somewhat odd for an angel, while all angels had a strong innate connection to their purpose as servants of the Light, Inarius was one of the few who questioned how best to fulfill his role. Even before the destruction of Tathamet he had somehow longed for more than simple battle, and in the First Age of Light he had found a great fondness for serving as a protector and teacher to mortal races, some among his peers felt he grew too close with his charges, and the seed of vanity did grow within the great angel, but it was not until the tragedy of the demons resurgence and the slaughter of his former followers that Inarius grew truly dissatisfied with the great conflict.

With the return of the demons and the eternal stalemate between the Heavens and Hells, as well as the Titans and their seemingly unending hunt for the forces of the void, Inarius was disillusioned and longed to escape the Eternal Conflict and he was convinced he could not be alone in his desires. His beliefs were confirmed when he was caught by Mephisto's forces after a battle and taken before the demoness Lilith. Desperate, Inarius raved against the pointlessness of the conflict and asked if Lilith had never once had similar thoughts. The demoness had long suffered amongst her kin, tiring of the ceaseless battle as well and released the angel, with the two meeting in secret again and again afterwards, slowly falling in love... and planning their departure. Cautiously, the pair sought out likeminded followers from both sides of the eternal conflict, and sought out a world where they might live in secluded peace.

Tragically, the eternal conflict and other forces of the universe were in such flux that the pair could think of no world secure enough to reside in save the fortified realm of Azeroth. The location of the worldstone was secret from most angels to prevent demons from torturing the location from them, and the Titans would not return to the world for millennia, perhaps ever, as their conflict with the Old Gods seemed as endless as the angels and demons own bloody feud, ample time for them to entrench themselves upon the world in either case.

The only question, was how to secure the world for themselves.
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