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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
Because most beings that battle demons either, A, aren't immortal or B, do other things like have entire societies while also fighting the demons. Sargeras' job was basically demon fighting 24/7 for all eternity with occasional breaks to fight old gods.
That explains the going crazy part. What about the winning part? Eventually wouldn't an undead or demon army overcome a regular race army? Putting it in simple terms what if we have 10 people versus 10 demons. Even if they "kill" all the demons, those 10 demons will just come back the 10 people are most likely now only 9. You keep going like that until finally there are 10 demons and 0 people. With the undead it is worse because any person killed could be raised into undeath to add unto the undead army. Even some demons could try the tactic of taking over a body now and then.
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