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Originally Posted by Urth View Post
That's fine, but I wouldn't want to waste developers' time by having them read things like "are faerie dragons sentient?" and then coming up with a long-winded and horribly obvious attempt at humor to explain their superhuman intelligence that exceeds mortal measurements of "smarts".

I do like your line of questioning about the nature of the various Giants, and how they blur the line between Elemental and Titanic Humanoid. While I wonder if there's a more pointed way at getting a more detailed response, I fully acknowledge that the game isn't served by having developers wax lore about a race that will only ever be killable elites.
Besides, there's a quest in Hyjal where you are sent out to secure the aid of the faerie dragons against the Twilight's Hammer cultists there. They speak and all, but only after you feed them. I'd say that they are self-aware and semi-intelligent.
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