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Originally Posted by Yaskaleh View Post
This explains everything.
Mass Effect 2 was great.

Blizzard themselves stated they executed their plans badly.

What was apparently supposed to happen in Wings was that Raynor really had given up on Kerrigan. When presented with a real possibility of rehabilitating her he was forced to choose between giving into despair and assuming she was irredeemable or take a chance and hope that Valerian's scheme could work. He was so sick of being in despair he decided to take a gamble. The problem was this wasn't made clear.

I'll further say I think Heart was a similar case. I've said before that Kerrigan's arc (or what was intended) was that she's so filled with rage and revenge that she just lashes out and does whatever it takes to accomplish it and damn who she hurts; her reason for being hurt by Jim's "death" is as much the fact that he was the only person who saw her as a person rather than as a weapon like Mengsk and the Dominion or Rumm and the Confederacy. In her shitty life he's been the only person to consistently show her humanity and decency. His offer of a better life was a chance to have normalcy (something she lost when her powers manifested.) And just when it looks like she can leave the violence behind....the same asshole who ruined her life last time ruins it yet again. Hence why she is willing to do anything to get revenge on mengsk. All she's been for years is a warrior and an assassin. With her chance of normalcy gone she falls back to old habits, and decides to take revenge on the person who destroyed her happiness at all costs. Hence her willingness to kill the protoss for dubious reasons even though she herself admits that she feels bad about it.
Than something forces her to actually reflect and think about her action beyond her own myopic need for revenge; its like how in God of War 3 when after Kratos starts to care for Pandora (who he has to sacrifice to defeat Zues) he starts to actually think about his actions beyond "I NEED VENGEANCE RAR!!!!!" Same thing with Kerrigan. Being told that the person you are using to justify your actions would be disgusted and being unable to deny it shakes her and forces her to think about the long term consequences. Eventually her loosing Jim because of her own actions causes her to take that final step and realize just how myopic she's been.

Honestly it's a fine idea on paper.

Unfortunately it was botched.
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