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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
The single greatest difference, I believe, between SC and SCII is the presence of a manual.
While the manual was wonderful, SC1 was starting from scratch. For SC2 you already have the SC1 manual and the SC1 campaign to which you can refer to as background, so it's not as valuable.

I'd say the "single greatest difference" is simply that SC2 has a crappy story, though perhaps that's cheating.

Originally Posted by Undeadprotoss View Post
-A lack of continuity with the Original SC and BW characters. I think this is most powerful in Zeratul, Kerrigan, and Raynor,and now with Artanis. in that order. To me, Zeratul dosen't feel at all like the same person. As a complaint that also applies generally to the non-human characters, he seems to have this disconnect, the same kind that one feels whenever Izsha or Abathur try to make sense of Kerrigan's human motives or reasoning, it's very difficult to put a finger on, I will come back to this and attempt to articulate it in a better fashion.
Mostly agreed. Zeratul acts like a mad and senile prophet, and just doesn't carry any of the dignity or gravity present in the SC1 Zeratul (I was actually very glad that Legacy of the Void killed him off early on, putting him out of the misery). Kerrigan... let's just say she deserves a special discussion. I found Raynor believable (given the unbelievable plot and the unbelievable Kerrigan), or at any rate not much worse than the SC1 Raynor. SC2 Artanis is just a stock Hollywood American hero.

-A lack of new, significant plot elements. I've noticed this with Warcraft specifically, that is, new factions and characters which REALLY change up the story do not seem to be prevalent, and when they are, they often are connected to an existing character. In HoL and HoTS, the only characters that come in tend to only serve a secondary role, Matt Horner, Stukov, Rory Swanson, Abathur Tosh, etc, who, while entertaining, do not bring to the story what Alexi Stukov, Admiral DuGalle, Artanis, etc brought in Brood War. With the current format, it is potentially very difficult to add characters of that scope who are not villains, as the "main character" you play as (Artanis, Zeratul, and Jim Raynor) would likely have to interact with them in some way.
You make a good point, especially about the characters: everything in SC2 revolves around heroes and villains we already knew from SC1 (other than Amon perhaps, who was only hinted at in SC1): Raynor, Mengsk, Kerrigan, Zeratul, Duran (Narud), Artanis. Even BW, which was merely an expansion, brought new characters which were more significant. Blizzard even went out of their way to recycle dead characters (Stukov, Fenix).

When WoW recycles old heroes from the RTS, it's at least understandable because it can be cool to meet an old hero in an RPG setting. But SC2 is an RTS just like SC1, so what's the point of this?

On the other hand, SC2 did have a significant plot element (Amon and stuff). It's not entirely new, for it was only hinted at in SC1, but was fleshed out very much. The problem is with the way they did it... Frankly, I'd have preferred the SC2 storyline to not have existed at all. I don't simply find it uninteresting or not exciting... it's positively abominable.

-Dialogue for some was not seen as a strong point, both in terms of character identity and structure. In the words of one poster: "As for the dialogue, it went from well-written monologues to average one-liners."
Definitely. SC2 is overloaded with hollow slogans about freedom and brotherhood and unity and all kinds of bullshit feel-good phrases, as well as cringe-worthy love scenes between a space cowboy and an semi-human semi-alien demigod. Re-watching SC1 mission briefings you can clearly see that the quality of dialogue is much lower in SC2. Hell, Mengsk's speech or the UED victory report (which are obvious propaganda) actually sound more authentic and inspiring than the speeches that Artanis can't help himself from making every second mission throughout LotV, which sound like they're taken straight out of a Hollywood film. Not to mention the whole scene with Raynor and Warfield in WoL.

The Protoss also have shittier voice in SC2.

Now, I'll try to pinpoint what I think is the main flaw with the SC2 story - though it's so wrong on so many levels (to be fair there are a few things that are cool, too). Kerrigan is an integral part of this, of course - but I'm not so concerned about her 'redemption' per se. What's really egregious about the Kerrigan story, and the SC2 story as a whole (which is really the Kerrigan-Amon story anyway), is the trivialization of the great. On the one hand, they make everything grandiose and epic by introducing an all-consuming Big Evil as well as origin stories and prophecies and so forth, and then make the person who is at the heart of it, namely Kerrigan, get deeply involved in personal love and personal vengeance. She's just a hero because she was chosen to be so, endowed with superpowers and, um, the purity of essence and the purity of form - in short, the fate to become a Xel'naga. And this godlike being goes out with Raynor (making life grow anew on nearby planets again... seriously?). Thus SC2 manages to simultaneously make the story seem too grandiose and too trivial and personal. Tassadar was a serious hero. Kerrigan is a third-rate anime heroine.

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