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Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
The only thunder Sky has is getting silenced by a blue and throwing a tantrum afterwards. So by all means, please post a synopsis darling :3
You have a warped view of my fame and prophetic departure from WoWs story and general forums Genya, I'd hoped at least you knew how to tell time

Anyway, story starts by introducing minor characters, six years since the war with Amon

Whist: A marine
Dizz: A reaper
Ulavu: an outcast protoss academic at the ghost academy
Tanya: a pyrokinetic ghost

Whist and Dizz meet on a roof by chance, Whist is reminiscing abd drinking to the memory of dead friends, Dizz joins him and remarks on how new reapers aren't all ubercriminals like the original set he was part of

Tanya contemplates her resignation from the ghosy program having been accepted, but then realizes Ulavu wandered out to a bar and nearly got jumped by some drunks, Tanya found him and diffused the situation but they both thought it odd one of the drunks knew she was a ghost despite not having identified as one

Notes: Whist is a little concerned about what Dizz did to become a reaper since he seems so friendly, he internally guesses conman or serial murderer but doesn't want to ask without his gun on him, though Dizz offers to tell him over drinks

The new reapers have full on jetpacks, for flight not just jumps, the old groups are still kept on so dominion forces have a mix

Tanyas pyrokinesis is rare, her other psi abilities are a modest 5.1 on the terran scale, she feels a mix of guilt and relief at having been held in reserve so long all the wars are over, she has an implant to help keep her temper in check so she doesn't "turn people into roman candles"
Ulavu is an outcast but its not clear why


Valerian is in talks with Umoja to build a defense base in their territory and get biotech to grow more food for dominion since its still recovering, Umoja is woried there are still people in Valerians gov that want to Annex Umoja like arcturus wanted to
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