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They arent implied to not be zerg. Its outright stated and its one of the reasons Abathur dislikes them, he never liked competition

Also the flora the Adostra dream is so nutrient rich the zergs can feed with it so they dont need creep

Honestly i dont consider Abathur's betrayal bad or bad handled since it was perfectly in character with what was stablished in Hot5 about him and its obvious for most non-zerg characters that it was him all along, simply they couldnt sure since they didnt have proof

Zagara behaves like a zerg version of Civ6 Queen Victoria. She only likes the royal we (maybe, idr if she uses it)


Between pyrokinetic ghosts, flying reapers, "green" zerg and khala-less protoss, I can tell SC3 or an hypothetical SC2 "reboot" xpack is going to be quite interesting

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