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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Sorry, an ATTEMPT to be cerebral.

The story is more concerned with poorly executed and thought through ideas and concepts than it is exploring something more real.

That's what I meant by cerebral.
Could you give examples of what you mean? I am curious.

Because to me Swarm is a pretty cut and dry revenge story.

Originally Posted by Ol'Yoggy View Post
Originally some of Sarah's egregious acts in Heart (killing Lassara) Weren't there. Hell they would have interacted more and lassarra would have become a friend. They should have focused on making Kerrigan penitent. Hell I posted an outline earlier of how I think heart should have gone. It would have emphasized her inner turmoil and desire to atone for her crimes.
What does she even have to atone for? As Queen of Blades she was pretty much straight up mind controlled, more overtly by the Overmind, more subtly by Amon and inherently by her zerg condition. This is also known to her so should she feel bad about "her" actions? The rest of the universe might not know or care about these distinctions but she should. And given her nature I don't think she'd much care about the opinions of some distant people, if anything that would just make her angry and less likely to take on any blame.

What she should feel bad about are her actions under Mengsk after being freed from Confederacy brain-panning. And her actions post-deinfestation, which as you point out are quite horrible. Killing millions if not billions of humans and protoss in her, relatively speaking, petty revenge quest. Being cruel towards Larissa and Warfield.

Those are the things she should be atoning for which incidentally make her hard to like in Swarm.
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