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I never said she was 'a psycho'. But she was hardly a principled person. A principled person does not make excuses for why it's okay to exterminate civilian populations and to assassinate people for political purposes. They don't take revenge on those who wronged them.

I'm not saying she was an especially evil person, but she was INCREDIBLY weak. And she let lots of awful things happen because of that weakness. Raynor's complicit for a lot of what happens in Rebel Yell too. Though I think he does what he does more out of misguided idealism whereas Kerrigan does it more out of guilt and a lack of autonomy. The story doesn't excuse her for this. That's such an important factor, Brood War does not just treat Kerrigan as a hapless victim who wanted to do the right thing. Which I think Wings of Liberty and to a lesser extent Heart of the Swarm absolutely do.

That contrasts with Brood War Kerrigan -- who is strong and fully realized. She knows what she wants independently of everyone else, she has conviction, she actually fights for what she wants (control, authority, the power to make the changes she wants in the world). I'm not talking about the moral dichotomy of the character and how as I see it, your argument seem to boil down to believing that Kerrigan is a fundamentally good person and a good person cannot do bad things. But I don't agree with that foundation. Because Kerrigan is not a morally *CONVICTED* person regardless, she's not heroic even if you find her sympathetic. She complains that Mengsk does things that are wrong, and then not only doesn't try to stop him but actively helps him in his actions REPEATEDLY. Again I'm not saying that's evil, but that's definitely not righteous.

And beyond all that, I wasn't really trying to make a point about Rebel Yell Kerrigan. I was talking about how unambiguously nuts and afflicted Brood War Kerrigan is and how that sort of goes against a conventional karmic justice morality-type story. Kerrigan is an evil bitch and she ultimately succeeds in what she sets out to do. It isolates her from everyone she ever cared about. But she's ultimately successful. And the tone of that moment is not a simple 'woe is Kerrigan, for she is alone after all'. In fact it's the opposite, she's "the Queen Bitch of the Universe". It's triumphant. She sacrificed everything and she won and she doesn't feel bad about it. And I don't think it's nearly as edgy as you're making it out to be because it's not joyful at all, it's nihilistic. As I said, the story is not sympathetic to Kerrigan, but it does try to make her understandable.

I think that's more interesting than just another morality fable about how power corrupts or something. I've seen that story a hundred times.

On the subject of Heart of the Swarm I don't think the writer even really properly captured the tone of Kerrigan's dialogue properly. I mean that's true of pretty much every character, but it's especially true of her.

Kerrigan has a very sort of casual, familiar speaking tone in the original game through out (except in Overmind). She likes to be sort of humorous and natural and while she can be occasionally grandiose and grand eloquent (her soliloquy at the end of Queen of Blades for example), but that's not typical of her normally. But in Heart everything she says is urgent, over the top and reeking of self-importance. It's really, really weird. Even casual conversations sound like a royal decree. And it doesn't help that she's almost exclusively talking to Zerg through out the game, but even when she's talking to other humans it's still there.

They sort of fixed it in Legacy of the Void, though.

I NEVER said Kerrigan wouldn't be vengeful angry and bitter. Hell I can even buy her being somewhat sadistic. But NOT to the degree she was in Brood War. This is the woman who was disgusted at using the zerg on the same people who tortured her for a decade. She's not going to instantly go to cartoonish acts of sadism on people who humiliated her in a scrap a few times. That's like going after the kid who stole your lunch money a few times and it's a complete 180 from her previous characterization. That is stupid writing in every sense of the word.
It's almost like something happened to her in the interim that changed her world view and made her bitter and angry or something.

How totally not human or relatable at all.

I mean you can not buy it, or not like it, but people do change to that degree from trauma. People abandon their principles too (especially people who didn't have strong principles to begin with).

I'm not even sure how you can argue otherwise at all.
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