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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Was there anything worth salvaging at least? I mean from when Queen of Blades showed up and beyond.
I am of the opinion that the story needs to be rebooted in order to focus on the original premise: the three races fighting over Koprulu. That said, none of the ideas introduced in the games are inherently bad. What matters is the execution. Overall, I suggest rebooting, adopting a consistent set of rules which you will never deviate from, and then cherrypick elements of the previous continuity that appeal while carefully modifying/fitting them into the reboot.

For example, the canonical execution of the zerg leadership (overmind, cerebrates, kerry, brood mommies, etc) was bad. By making the zerg dependent on external slavemasters, you destroy their danger and mystique. Ideally the zerg would have a true hive mind which firmly places them in the role of the franchise's overarching villain. Zerg "leaders" may be added in order to expand their existing capabilities. For example, even if the zerg can coordinate without oversight through their hive mind, would it not make things more efficient if they delegated management tasks to breeds engineered for that purpose? In this way, organisms like brain bugs and so forth become symbiotes to the zerg but are NOT the focal point of their intelligence and culture. Even a character like the queen of blades could be incorporated as a mouthpiece for the zerg similar to locutus of borg. This sort of plot point is used in the SC2 custom campaign Annihilation, where the zerg protagonist is an infested terran who is utterly loyal to the zerg (the exact opposite of queen of blades in canon) and the dialogue depicts the zerg as closer to a true hive mind.

In another example, the reduction of the formerly diverse protoss to three bland stereotypes of khalai, nerazim and tal'darim is a matter of bad execution. The social constructs like tribes, castes and so forth are what make the protoss unique and interesting, so these need to be given more effort than they got. The tal'darim in particular (absent Amon) can be slotted into the manual's iteration of lore with relative ease: according to the biographies of the Ara and Shelak tribes, when the Path of Ascension was instituted the judicator caste banned all other religions including xel'naga worship (although you wouldn't know it from the games and fiction depicting them all as worship the xel'naga). The shtick of the tal'darim is that they are fanatical worshipers of the xel'naga, so this makes sense as the point of divergence between the tal'darim and the protoss empire. Even in canon, the tal'darim refers to at least two unaffiliated groups of protoss fanatics so it should be easy to turn tal'darim into a generic term for all the heretics that were kicked out of the empire. The name "tal'darim" according to the lore literally means "chosen" and "forged" (somehow, the writers aren't linguists) and refers to the equivalents of angels/apostles from protoss myth, so it is easy for it to acquire connotations as "apostle" or "true believer".

In a third example, the Dominion is just plain bad execution. The status quo never actually changes and the only point of this is to make Mengsk the bad guy and Raynor the good guy. There is no functional difference between the Sons of Korhal fighting the Confederacy and Raynor's Raiders fighting the Dominion. So we might as well just keep the Confederacy in the story for the long-term. In a related example, the UED is bad execution. Their backstory is a mess of retcons that renders the story impossible to parse. Either Earth is present in the story from the beginning or they never show up ever. The Koprulu sector already has numerous governments jockeying for power, so the UED only proves to be a distraction. One possible way to address this is to divide the timeline into non-linear historical eras in which campaigns may take place. In the Confederacy era we have the Pirate Militias fighting them for vengeance and so forth. In the Dominion era we have the Dominion uniting the pirate militias so that humanity can better fight the invading aliens, but then a KMC/Umojan/whatever conspiracy appears within the Dominion which rebels and enslaves zerg similar to the UED plot. DuGalle and Stukov could be reintroduced as military leaders in the Umojan Protectorate.

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