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Originally Posted by Cantus View Post
I mean, it was a bad idea given what happened on the 6th. The problem is that you're one person and they're a mob, and both groups have large quantities of firearms, ammunition, etc. They just have more that can be used at once.

The thing that's going to protect you from them is a police force/FBi/national guard that isn't them and thinks they're nuts. Otherwise, you, me, and everyone else is kinda shit out of luck.

Plus, if you really do want to deal with a hundred angry MAGATs, a chemistry or physics degree is going to be far more useful. They can't kill people if they're unable to move from pain/other non-lethal deterrents. Or just give them a fuckton of alcohol, get them wasted, then drive their unconscious asses to the nearest prison. May have to be organic moonshine though, apparently they've gone new age crystal stupid as well.
lol, psycho.
Now imagine a music, dear readers, heavy with cellos at a rapid staccato. Cellos held between thighs in a dark room. The little room of Harry's chest as he walks with his teammates to the opening gate of his first Test of Cribbage. They are a rag-tag group of champions, this bunch, and with Harry, the near-perfect new god, they know they will dominate the day. Harry is a world laced with rivers of wizardly blood. He is ready.
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