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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Eh I think you guys have completely lost the script. You are just as far gone as the ones you mock just in the opposite direction. But ofc you don't see it, they don't either, and you don't care to talk or understand each other. It's not gonna end well.
QAnon thinks that lizard people, baby cannibals, and pedophiles are running the government and that Donald Trump (who associated with Jeffrey Epstein/has gone on tape talking about ogling underage girls, who's a known racist [see how he managed his properties], and who has been told he's legally not allowed to run a charity because he's used them to fraudulently enrich himself) is the savior of all mankind. The Proud Boys are openly racist, the Oath Keepers openly insurrectionist, and Kekistan is about as close to Nazis as you can get without a Hitler mustache.

I don't think moderates/Dems lost the script, I think news didn't report just how batshit the crazies are.

And the only reason I ever talk about "mass, non-lethal self defense against a mob" is because people keep talking about guns as if there's no other alternative besides being raped and murdered by a mob. The first stage should be deprogramming and discussion, but if folks go to the nth stage in their beliefs (imminent violence), there are alternatives to lethal weapons.

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