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Really white supremacist, what was white supremacist about those people? Were there a few confed flags? I bet even people carrying them don't really care about white supremacy anymore, just rebellion and southern pride aesthetic. Were they white supremacy types there? Sure a couple, but there were probably a few communists as well. It doesn't define the character of the crowd. White power rally my ass.

And acting like those fools were some great threat come on. They were basically goofing around. They did none of the things people actually doing a coup do. They did not seize all government buildings and aggressively and mercilessly moved on people in power. Shooting anyone who stands in the way. They were sightseeing pretty much, it's a joke. Pretending this was some terrible, scary event is beyond ridiculous and wins you no points. It was just a bunch of idiotic vandals who will be dealt with accordingly.

Finally the US left has plenty of crazy you just conveniently choose to ignore it while focusing and imaging the rightwing crazy is the norm. Open borders, reign of terror masturbation fantasies, eat the rich, racial animosity, anarchy, childish understanding of economics and politics that would see America reduced to smoking rubble in months if implemented.
But you know I recognize those people are not the majority and hence I don't imply that about you guys. You have to put things into perspective and keep to the facts or you will plain be making bad moves.

That is the issue with America right now, you guys are incapable of putting things into perspective and sticking to the truth, you don't like each other, trust each other and you don't talk. As I've said it cannot end well. But hey it's your country you can burn it down if you like. Better than attacking other countries at least.
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