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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post

I don't care much.

Have fun trading bullets with rednecks in Nebraska in a few years.

PS. This thread and the other political one should be moved to HoL. I know this place is a graveyard but such are usually extended reverence.
Okay, detached irony bro. That's why you came to post about it, because you care so little.

Originally Posted by Cantus View Post
Where are you getting your news?
Lol, he doesn't. Between all the weasel words, idle speculation, and whataboutism, there was actually pretty much zero substance in that 'analysis'. Certainly no evidence for any of the random ass insinuations there.

"I bet", "Sure a couple, but..", "..there were probably..", "They were basically.."

-signed: someone who is definitely, totally capable of putting things in perspective.

Lmao, fucking embarrassing. Yet you still have the temerity to lecture others about perspective, then fall back to bulwark of "hey I dont even really care lol". Introduce yourself to anything connected to reality or history and try again.
Now imagine a music, dear readers, heavy with cellos at a rapid staccato. Cellos held between thighs in a dark room. The little room of Harry's chest as he walks with his teammates to the opening gate of his first Test of Cribbage. They are a rag-tag group of champions, this bunch, and with Harry, the near-perfect new god, they know they will dominate the day. Harry is a world laced with rivers of wizardly blood. He is ready.

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