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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Nice b8, m8. And your tough guy act is so cringe. Even if you were Arnold it would be and I bet you are some noodle armed nerd afraid of human interaction LARPing as a revolutionary. Good luck in the civil war.

Because that is what such blind pigheaded behavior will bring you. I mean what do you guys even hope will happen? That you will change their minds with such extreme rhetoric, reeducate them, overvote them forever, kill them? And do you think they will just sit around for that? Either you find common ground as a nation or you are fucked one way or the other. But I am not American, I am only saddened by possible loss of life and the shredding of the international economy it will bring, it is your country that will burn and your people that will bleed. So yeah I can afford to play it cool, can you? This is my attempt to help all of you believe it or not.
Mitch McConnell (functional leader of the GOP) said "you can't prosecute a sitting president" during Trump's time in office, followed by "we need to get past that era," after he left office.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (QAnon congresswoman) has indicated support for murdering her colleagues.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley both supported the insurrectionists.

Lauren Boebert (Trumpian congresswoman) literally tweeted out national security information during the insurrection (re. Rep. Nancy Pelosi's location).

The insurrectionists wanted to murder Mike Pence for doing his job (by law). They set up a gallows while chanting "hang Mike Pence."

I don't think "let's jail people who have committed acts of insurrection against duly elected representatives" is a controversial statement, nor "deplatform insurrectionist websites and media." That's the basic, basics in how you stop the rise of a second Nazi party (and we know, for a fact, the insurrectionists were heavily influenced by Nazism).

Whatever media you're consuming, you need to toss it in the trash. You've missed a lot of information over the years, and it's blinded you to just how insane social media and misinfo/disinfo has let our country become. I warned about it for years here, no one believed me (e.g. Hammerbrew, Ganishka). Now that we've seen the result of it, the last thing we should do is pretend that there aren't individuals so extremist as to be terrorists in our [proverbial] midst.

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