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The issue with the US is that it doesn't really matter what team you root for, neither of them has any power (or will to use their power) to move against their big corporation promoters and investors. Both sides claim to look out for the average American, but it's ultimately just window dressing and grandstanding. It's no wonder people are pushed to political extremes when the political culture is more about appeasing investors and making short-term profit than serving the people and nation as a whole.

When every single mall parking lot along the highway has homeless/out-of-work folks offering to clean your car windows (or suck your dick) for money, and every single major city has big homeless communities that quite literally litter the streets, you know you live in a shithole third world country. And it doesn't matter which of your two parties has held the reins, the problem hasn't gotten any better. What's the point in being one of the world's most powerful and wealthy countries when you end up rotting from the inside out?
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