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Originally Posted by Aneurysm View Post
No, if the past twenty years switching between Republican and Democratic governments has anything to say about it, "both sides are fucking garbage" is quite accurate. Both parties are corrupt and full of career politicians.

And you try to cram too many political viewpoints under the same two parties, pigeon holing politicians and their opinions, that it all becomes diluted, vague, and pointless in the end. Having only two superblocs to choose from is shit. You just end up getting politicians backing people with whom they don't agree, only because they got beat out as that party's candidate, causing the voters to regard them as two-faced and fake. Because it is two-faced and fake.

The Republican Party and the Democrat Party should both explode and split up into smaller, more manageable and cohesive parties. We've got between seven and eight parties that are commonly in the run and can feasibly form governments over here, and I think even that is slim pickings.
You are entirely missing the point.

The democratic party is garbage, it's the equivalent of someone kicking you in the teeth, walking over you, then looking back and saying they're sorry.

That doesn't change the fact that they are markedly better than the Republicans currently who are ACTIVELY COURTING FASCIST TAKEOVER OF THE COUNTRY.
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