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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
You are entirely missing the point.

The democratic party is garbage, it's the equivalent of someone kicking you in the teeth, walking over you, then looking back and saying they're sorry.

That doesn't change the fact that they are markedly better than the Republicans currently who are ACTIVELY COURTING FASCIST TAKEOVER OF THE COUNTRY.
I'm not going to go into some moral debate over which party is the least bad or has the least dumbfuck politicians in it. But I'll ask why people even vote for any of the two main parties if they're so fucking awful? You're collectively and continuously shooting yourselves in the foot by not breaking the status quo.

If I had to choose between bad and worse, I would go with neither. I'd find a third party candidate that actually stood for things I agreed with. Because voting tactically rather than voting for a party/candidate you actually support is the death of democracy.

I really hope Trump starts his own party, and that it gains some actual traction, if only for the sake of ending the Dem's and Rep's monopoly on governance and opening the door for more parties to be established.
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