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Originally Posted by Cantus View Post

Like he says, most of these people who will be charged will not be charged with sexy things. It's going to be mundane and obscure laws, primarily focused on public and verifiably people. Almost no one is getting charged with insurrection, or with any other fancy thing.

Anti-terror laws, existing gun laws, destruction of property, a host of defacement laws. And even then, as Legal Eagle makes a mention of, they will be applied lightly so as to not set precedent to be used on other rioters in other circumstances.

The main people who are going to be charged with big flashy stuff are the ones where intent can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and intent is very very hard to prove and intent holds weight in legal situations. The rest of the people are going to be charged with more mundane shit.

See Clinton's Email server and why she was not charged. Intent was not there. And no, that isn't a "but but but her emails" argument. I'm using it as an example that should still be nationally relevant and fresh in peoples minds.

And of course, they all deserve those charges. Don't show up to a riot, or a situation where a riot has a chance to occur. If you do, and you participate (and human mentality says you will participate), you deserve the consequences.
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