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On topic, the impeachment hearing directly addressed the fact that Trump exhausted all legal means to win his case regarding the election before the 6th
And more than one of those were dismissed on procedural and not merit based things.

In one of the lawsuits (it's actually brought by state GOP) in regards to envelopes not having the correct information, one of the State supreme court judges actively ruled he agrees with the argument that the information needs to be there, the law just shouldn't be followed this year due to circumstances.

There was another, which made news, where the State governor had announced a change to indefinitely confined votes illegally, the courts stepped in and said "no, you can't make that change" later, and then when a drastic rise in indefinitely confined votes case made it to court... The court agreed there was a large discrepancy, but refused to grant relief due to the lawsuit trying to dismiss all of that type of vote as a "blanket class".

That is. The deepest of horse shit.

The system works. If the system actively sees cases brought. And I hate to tell you, but that was not the case with the 2020 election. Half the shit that has actively, factually been covered and worked on at a local level gets just flat out dismissed when brought up in conversation.

Like Dominion machines flipping votes. That is real. ~6% of a total vote, albeit in a localized area (so far). Attorney General has an investigation into into it.
And ABC channel, so hardly what one could call right wing.

There was an easy way to simmer down the national conversation, and that was to be transparent and not play political games with this shit.
When Trump was under investigation, my near constant refrain to you folks was "Sure, investigate him all you want. I don't think it will find anything, but investigate. Transparency is good".

That was the answer needed.

Instead, we got "We can't let you investigate these systems, they are a proprietary software owned by a private company". We got cities and counties defying judges orders to turn over machines and data. None of that

It's not like this doesn't have a built in constitutional procedure. Fuckin, delaying this shit to investigate would have, at very worst case, put Grassley in as President pro tempore until shit could be resolved.

None of this...was a big deal, none of it was a constitutional crises, and none of it had to come down to this. Like shit, even if you don't think it will find something (and it very much would likely not have found anything) transparency is never bad.

A large portion of voters did not trust the results. Nothing else matters to maintain a stable system except to open shit up and show them it was legit.

Trump was a loud mouthed ass. He is always a loud mouthed ass. Him being a loud mouthed ass that got people riled up does not explain the failure of the 2020 elections.

And it very much was a failure, and proves the entire process needs to be updated, modernized, and fortified to avoid this shit.

And the worst part is, pointing this all out is going to be taken as a partisan statement, when it very much isn't. The fact that transparency is a fucking partisan issue is disgusting.
Fucking Epic :X

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