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Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
lawful stupid demanded by a player base that doesn't want to be BAD GUYS WHO HATE HORDE cause horde is literally never wrong, literally literally
Honestly, this is kind of what disappointed me about the whole faction war. I mean, the whole idea was pretty stupid even without this, but I kind of wish I had something resembling a decent reason to fight the Alliance. In the end, they were only responsible for a few relatively minor incidents.

How the hell am I supposed to want to fight the Alliance under those conditions? The whole thing was entirely unmotivating. Even as a Forsaken fan, I put more blame on Garrosh than I ever did on the Worgen. He was the one who forced that whole issue.

Lawful stupid is such a boring opponent. If there has to be a faction war, I'd rather both sides took things seriously.
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