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Originally Posted by Apep View Post
So the solution is kill Thrall?
Don't expect that'll be necessary. The miserable bastard is going to give up hope and leave the Ehancement Shaman to take up his hammer - his Doomhammer, no less.

My only real regret about that particular turn of events is that I won't be able to partake of it because I'm not going to buy Legion and its prerequisite expansion pack, and wouldn't even if you paid me billions of euro to do so. Why would I want it, then? Suffice it to say, if I was still playing then my old Goblin shaman from the time of Cataclysm would be honoured to take up his old friend's weapon (and sad that he can't go on fighting but that's another story) and it would be a real deep full-circle story that I'd have liked to have... experienced? Been a part of? Whatever, you get the idea.
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