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Default The Death of Chromie Lore implication Thread [Spoilers inside]

Hey !

I've begun the death of Chromie and I've noticed a few things already

> The threat attacking chromie since to come from different era or known threat.

Black Dragonshrine : Dreadlord ( Legion )
Green Dragonflight : Satyr ( Nightmare )
Red Dragonflight : Lich ( Scourge )
Blue dragonflight : Void Lord ( Void / Old gods )

All of these being claim to answer the order coming from a " Master "

Unlocking each of the shrine gives us a pathway to save chromie in the following places :

Attack on mount Hyjal ( Cataclysm )
Well of Eternity
Culling of Stratholme

And we Have Wrathion at the black dragonshrine who claim to be there by pure randomness.

So there is no question here as who's behind it cause it could be Either Muruzond or The Old Gods.

However something strike me, it's wrathion. He's saying he was wandering around and if we can link this with the old Gods, there is a figure in lovecraft story that can fit with him quite a bit :


Moreover, as someone here noticed, the Red Dragonflight says that the sanctum was not attacked by undead since ten years. Or, in legion it's been
years since WoTLK. We might have a timeskip soon or a time distortion because of our travel to Argus....?

What are you thought about it.
"The Azjol-anak resistance cell perhaps, we can always tell ourselves that the rest of the Nerubian survivors (namely the queens) practically dug their way to Plothole to escape the Scourge."

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Nothing, this is Scrolls of Lore, every conversation on here slowly distills down to Sylvanas, Lorderon or Worgen. I'm pretty sure that theres a mathematical truth to this.
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