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Originally Posted by engal View Post
However something strike me, it's wrathion. He's saying he was wandering around and if we can link this with the old Gods, there is a figure in lovecraft story that can fit with him quite a bit :

Wrathion isn't inspired by Nyarlathotep. The most they share is possibly skin tone, which isn't saying much because Nyarly is a shapeshifter. If any Lovecraft inspiration can be attributed to Wration it might be Abdul Alhazred, since both like sticking their noses into eldritch lore.

Nyarlathotep doesn't fit the bill because it is the emissary of the Outer Gods, which in Warcraft are the functional equivalent of the Void Gods. Wrathion, according to his own words, fights to protect Azeroth, even though he's done basically nothing, and is confirmed with players as witness to be purified of Old God corruption Nyarly on the other hand is practically a god and enjoys screwing with mortals for a few cheap laughs until it finally gets bored and destroys the world as the Crawling Chaos.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
It might also be Infinite Chromie.
Plot twist: our Chromie is actually the Infinite Chromie, and the one trying to kill her is Bronze Chromie.

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