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Maybe WE wrote the note . And Maybe most of the people here are our " allies" in the timeline we fought them ( excluding the void lords ) Maybe they all tried to unite against chromie for making a paradox.

Interestingly enough, the note mention that human orc, elementals and DEMON are his / her allies.

Are we going to make the demon join us in the end of Legion? Like... Illidan pulling a Kerrigan on the Zerg ?
"The Azjol-anak resistance cell perhaps, we can always tell ourselves that the rest of the Nerubian survivors (namely the queens) practically dug their way to Plothole to escape the Scourge."

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Nothing, this is Scrolls of Lore, every conversation on here slowly distills down to Sylvanas, Lorderon or Worgen. I'm pretty sure that theres a mathematical truth to this.
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