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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
To be sure! But you can't celebrate violent anarchy as a triumph over oppressive monarchy!
I don't think it is that anarchically. Words aren't like using violence against one another.
Truth, indeed, is an ideal. One I can't fully believe in. I used the term liberally (in a rhetorical rather than political sense).

But consensus is not the foundation of science. Reason and empiricism is. There was a time when the 'consensus' was that slavery was perfectly fine.
A lot of people think science expands upon so many of their personal pet peeves that it is ridiculous. There are so many things that are called science that shouldn't be simply because it gives it this dogmatic sense of authority that it shouldn't have. It only makes people less open to contrary views when they think something clearly unscientific is science.

I don't think the consensus was ever that slavery was fine. They were always a minority. Slavery wasn't abolished because 'science' said it was wrong. It took a lot of political maneuvering, a war, and an occupation. It was action and more results based skill than someone's simple belief.

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