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Alliance Flag

The corpse will fill up with gas and explode in our face, showering us in gore. Or so they say.

To be completely honest, I think there's still a chance that the Forsaken won't be saddled with a leader they do not want and that the Alliance will not be losing two characters that they would rather keep. I could see Calia and Derek simply going on a pilgrimage to heal the undead, without actually joining the Horde. If you think about it, what exactly would leading the Forsaken accomplish that they can't already accomplish by simply talking with them? They set out to heal, not to lead and provide all the answers.

But I simply don't have it in me to naively go into 9.0 with rose coloured glasses. Not anymore.

(I sure hope that Tyrande will just get Jaina'd, rather than something even worse.)
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