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Originally Posted by Xarthat View Post
By that logic, all races must be wiped out. Because every race has at least one bad member. Therefore, to prevent any of them from harming anyone again, all life must be wiped out.
Well that's not logic, that's just taking something to the furthest extreme. That's twisting my words.

When we're talking about a war involving repelling invaders from another world, then we're not talking about 'every race has at least one bad member', we're talking about those who are invading your world. They were clearly coming to this world with malicious intent, and when diplomacy failed, it lead to immediate war.

And frankly, in terms of Alliance and Horde, up until Medivh got them to resolve their differences, they've never truly became allies before. We can point at individual situations like the Laughing Skull betraying the Horde or Alterac betraying the Alliance, but that was not true peace. In context of what Daelin saw of the Orcs, there was no such thing as a good Orc.

In terms of how Daelin saw things, the Horde was a disease that needed to be cleansed. And in context to Warcraft 2 and 3, he was right. But it was not a diplomatic or righteous method. It was a 'chaotic good' method, much like Arthas choosing to take Frostmourne to beat Mal'ganis or Illidan using the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Frozen Throne. Those are very effective at removing the source of the threat, but leave very little for the healing process afterwards. It leaves a wound wide open for corruption.

In the context of the story and how the Warcraft universe is written, allies and enemies make one stronger. Without those challenges, they become weaker. It's through this tempering that they remain strong. Yet it's in the belief of some that they must dominate and exterminate in order to be safe; and the truth is they will never be safe because little do they know they are characters in a series called 'Warcraft'.

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