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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Not necessarily true. We have never had a Warchief with children die without being usurped. It is easy to forget the whole modern history of Warcraft from the First War to the end of this latest one is just 35 years or so. That is why it is so silly, these people have been essentially non-stop fighting especially in the WoW era against some horrible enemies. How is anyone still alive let alone with functional societies?
Adding to this, the individual Horde clans ARE largely hereditary monarchies. Many clan leaders seen in Burning Crusade were sons of former leaders. Thrall himself began leading the Frostwolves by virtue of being son of the last chieftain.

Tauren are led by the heir apparent. The Darkspear Trolls and Blood Elves followed hereditary monarchs until their bloodlines died out.

Rend and Maim were meant to succeed their father Blackhand as Blackrock leader and, according to a major faction, the Horde itself. Rend's primary claim to warchief was by virtue of being son of Blackhand.
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