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Originally Posted by Ashendant View Post
Maybe in the next lore question thread i might improve it i already had an idea on how
I’ll list the questions other people asked that I think are most worthy. (I edited some for grammar and conciseness). To not be biased, I won’t include mine, although I do like all my questions.

-Does Lor'themar’s eye injury actually exist? He was depicted as scared and missing an eye in the Sunwell Trilogy, but not in WoW.
-Of what material were the vrykul made prior to the Curse of Flesh? Did they have flesh, stone, or metallic bodies?
-The earthen shaped the earth. The mechagnomes maintained the machines of the titans. What purpose did the vrykul serve the titans?
-What is the nature of the "blue skin" on various Vrykul and the Frostborn?
-What is the origin of the crystal the Ashbringer was formed from? Is it the shard of a naaru? Is it an Ata'mal crystal?
- What happened exactly during the Sundering? Before it, there was one continent. Did the modern day Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms stay where they were and the landmasses in between them sink, or did the current continents get blasted away and move apart (meaning they once fit together with nothing in between)?
-What exactly happened to Bolvar at Wrathgate to leave him in a state we see him during Lich King fight ? Did he die from Forsaken's plague and was then resurrected by dragon's flame ? Or maybe dragon's fire left him in a state of something between life and death ?

Also, upon review some of the “black” questions on the first page are answerable, so I answered them:

Q - Are Frostborn and Iron dwarves, a variation of earthen or other type of dwarf? If not are Frostborn made of flesh?
A - Iron Dwarves, at least, are definitely a variation on Earthen. They’re Loken’s unique recipe (now with more Saronite!), made in the Forge of Wills.

Q - With major Scarlet centers like Hearthglen returning to the control of the considerably less insane Argent Crusade, what is the fate of the Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught/whatever with the majority of its leaders dead and its forces destroyed? (Not sure if this has been asked.)
A - They’re pretty much done for. Those who didn’t disperse got killed by Balnazzar and reanimated into his “Risen.”

Q -What is the timeline of events for the summoning of the worgen, the death of Velinde, the death of Arugal, the resurrection of Arugal, and the movement of the Scythe of Elune from Felwood to Duskwood to Grizzly Hills to Gilneas?
A- To be covered in both the upcoming Worgen and WoW: Alliance trades.

Q -Will Vol'jin free Zalazane's mind slaves especially considering they're said to most make up most of the Darkspear tribe?
A - Vol’jin liberated and reclaimed the isles and killed Zalazane for good. The slaves are either free or dead.

Q -What happened with Felo'melorn, Flamestrike, the blade of the Sunstrider family? We last saw it at the battle between Illidari and Scourge at Icecrown, and it hasn't ever appeared in-game. Was it send to Silvermoon after the battle, and is now wield by Lor'Themar?
A - I don’t think there’s any reason to think Kael didn’t keep it with him.

Q -Why did Lady Vashj answer Illidan's summons? Was she sent on Azshara's orders?
A - RPG says yes, she was.

Q - The 'True' Karazhan tower. Fact or Fiction? ;P
A - Fact.

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