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Medivh HotS Developing Well

This thread is about random ideas, and that presumably includes speculation as well as commentary. I bring this up because the Heroes of the Storm comics have developed to the point where a clear universe is starting to become apparent. First things first, though.

Fall of King's Crest is longer than the previous HotS comics (12 pages vs. 8 for both previous issues). It is also the first to portray the Raven Lord as unambiguously evil. While Rise of the Raven Lord had established him as trying to avert a great calamity, he seems joyous, not regretful, that these extreme measures have become necessary.

Other notable criticisms include switching which character is narrating (which is always frowned upon without some kind of break) and killing off Verick and Delia in the same issue that introduced them. Yes, this happens all the time in television, but the cramped confines of a comic make it seem like they were there for the purpose of dying. It cheapens what should be a powerful moment and adds an unnecessary complication. Then again, since people have so much trouble staying dead in the Nexus, that might very well be the point. Sun-boy and moon-girl would make an interesting dual-body hero.

We also see further build-up of Orphea as a future hero. However, I was disturbed to discover how so much of what I "knew" about her was unsupported by direct evidence. It seems we can't confirm that she's the Raven Lord's daughter, nor that she stole a powerful artifact from him -- but these remain plausible suppositions. She is, for example, reluctant to raise a hand against him. She wields power far beyond what would be expected for her age, and she's hauling a giant box on her back. (How does a kid carry that thing, anyway? It looks big enough to be her coffin.)

Aside from Orphea being playable, though, it's hard to predict where this is going. That's as it should be. The Nexus is essentially a new IP, and it would be foolish to cut off possibilities at this point. What we do know is that the Raven Lord is taking and draining the singularities. It's unclear whether this is simply to increase his personal power or somehow allows him to control the Dark Nexus creatures he's summoned. There's always a price to be paid for bargaining with evil, after all. He seems to believe uniting all realms under his power is the key to stopping the invasion. But what is this consuming invasion? If I were writing this, it would in fact be his own summoning of Dark Nexus entities. Thus, in trying to stop his own future, he causes it.
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