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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
I mean I figure the Scourge is easy enough make more rounded by making them more of a legit Lordaeronian movement.
I don't think it was ever written down in one place, but IIRC Marthen's treatment made them into a theocratic empire based in Northrend and a couple other nearby lower planes. After escaping Draenor, the Shadowmoon clan traveled the Nether for a while and Ner'zhul developed a god complex. Archimonde and his dread lords decided to take advantage of this and extort Ner'zhul into invading Azeroth for them so they could eat the planet's magic. When the Shadowmoon clan returned to Azeroth, they basically conquered Northrend over a period of years. The Cult of the Damned recruited people and others were subjugated. Ner'zhul betrayed Archimonde after developing a variant of the plague that could infect dread lords and recruit them to his cause. This forced Archimonde to take other plans (as represented in the hypothetical Burning Legion campaign).

Marthen, did you write all this down anywhere?

Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Can't really do that for the Burning Legion.
If you drop the titan backstory, then you can turn them into fantasy space pirates. The eredar recklessly used magic, destroyed their home world, and now raid planets for their magic.
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