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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
None of WoW's big villains are really good to be honest.
My favourite WoW villains are like... Lady Naz'jar, Lord Godfrey and that Frost Troll who tricks you into working for him. All the box cover villains are lame. The Thunder King was all right too. But less for himself, and more because 5.2 was a pretty good MoP patch.

Blizzard used to be pretty good at giving you a chance to steer with the villains for a while. It's hard to develop a bad guy, if all you see them doing is shouting at you about how they're going to kill you. And then since you always beat them, it's hard to make them competent. But because you spend most of Vashj'ir playing catch up and trying to fight your way out of difficult situations, Naz'jar gets to be pretty competent.

But like... I hate Gul'dan. I hate WoW Arthas, I hate WoW Deathwing... they're just kinda lame.
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