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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
1. your distinction between 'joke' and 'comment' feels specious. If 'racism is racism', then You either think she's sincerely hateful or she's not.
I think the comments in question were sincerely hateful. As I said, jokes require set-up, and punchlines. Roux didn't offer any context to her comments. It's you who put it into the context of being witty anti-imperialistic social commentary. And there's a big difference between criticising flawed political systems, and shitting over entire demographics of people.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
2. So you think black people are racist when they use the N word in music videos or comedy? Do you think the 'naga stole my bike' joke was racism? If it was, do you think everyone who found it funny was racism?
Now that's a false equivalence. But I'll indulge you.

I don't think words alone are racist. When "nigga/nigger" is used to offend, it's racist. But it can also be used in ways that are affectionate and friendly. As you say, context matters.

But the "naga stole my bike"-joke arguably is racist, yes. However that's also quite obviously a joke, crude as it may be. And crude jokes can be funny for sure. And maybe it requires a bit of racist sentiment to find jokes such as that funny. Nobody is perfect, after all.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
3. Depends, is it a Muslim or Scandinavian, or Chinese person making each of those respective statements? Beyond that, You're making a false equivalence, look at even the closest one of those events and they're considerably different in timescale from US Slavery, the civil rights movement, or even the -active and ongoing- inequality in the US.
The Viking and Mongolian invasions are far enough back in history for us not to experience significant ripple effects, I'll agree.

But Ottoman imperialism lasted until WWI, so that's even closer in time than trans-Atlantic slavery, and it has shaped a lot of the social atmosphere that can be felt in Eastern Europe to this day for example. The Ottomans also conducted slavery into the 1900's, up until the fall of their empire. And China is currently being controlled by an extremely oppressive Han Chinese government, and they're conducting slavery still, what with their sweat-shop industries, as well as commiting genocide on people groups within their borders. And let's not get started on the flaws of Islamic expansionism and ideologies, whose effects undeniably linger still.

Regardless, it's racism, or at the very least vitriolic bigotry to make broad, sweeping statements about entire demographics or ethnicities based on crimes committed by governments and people in power.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
4. I think you're being hyperbolic with 'shit on', she said tactless but -incredibly mild- things once every few months over the course of years.
The fact that they are comments repeated over the course of years makes it worse than if it would be a one-off thing, and it says a lot about her sentiments.

And I think it's you who's being out of touch and ignorant to social developments outside of your narrow US-centric world-view.

I'm not even bothered by her comments themselves, but by the hypocricy of defending her. The "woke" crowd thinking it's alright to be offensive towards some people, while trying to shut people down when the same is done towards demographics they deem unjustly treated. It's two-faced and doesn't do anything but continue the cycle of shit-flinging.
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