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I think that, if anyone is allowed to make racist jokes about a human "race" (There is no such thing as human races.), it is people belonging to the same group that is the butt of the joke. But you shouldn’t be surprised if people take offense, even if you happen to share skin color with them or didn’t mean any offense.

When my aunt told my mother that, by marrying a German man, she was "improving her race", my mother was right to be offended, even if the person who had offended her happened to be her biological sister.

So would I say that white men are entitled to feel offense in response to Roux’s Tweets? Yep.

In any case, there’s something crucial we are missing:
Roux’s statement that they were jokes.

To my knowledge, she denies ever having written the Tweets and claims that they were Photoshopped. That, to me, sounds like an admission that, if they are indeed genuine, they were definitely not meant in jest.

So the defense of "it was just a joke" rings hollow when it contradicts her behavior.
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