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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
I'm not going to debate with you over a tv show that I don't watch and it's handling of the issue.
If you can't defend your opinion when it's set against the tiniest shred of examination, then it holds no value.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
I think that, if anyone is allowed to make racist jokes about a human "race" (There is no such thing as human races.), it is people belonging to the same group that is the butt of the joke.
I think expecting people to censor themselves this way is unreasonable, in that it does not sustain. Black and white children play together. They listen to the same music. You already see it... the n-word is more or less on the same path as the f-bomb. Not heard in polite society, but otherwise fair game among friends. That's just something to make peace with.
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