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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
"Tiniest shred of examination" is obvious hyperbole, a TV show isn't real life, it's a constructed situation, you could make a tv show an example for anything, doesn't mean it's accurate or based in reality.
Iron sharpens iron, man! The argument isn't about a TV show.
This is a reality of black and white children who grow up together and share the same interests, who see no reason why they shouldn't talk the same way other than a racial grudge they've inherited from "boomers". It's a world of mixed race children, who have heritage of both slavers and slaves.

If you hear someone say the n-word, without a sufficiently "urban accent", does your brain do a quick check? Would you need to scan their skin really fast to make sure its tone seems to make them worthy of a racial slur? If another black person is in the room, are they not allowed to be offended?

Those two former co-workers I told you about? Neither one of them was using that word when they were in earshot of the older black workers at my job site. But I guarantee you, that when they were off work and just hanging out together, the white guy was singing any lyric he wanted. They had a level of social acceptance for themselves, one for when they were among only whites, and one for when older blacks were present (or any supervisors). To them, we were all the joke.
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