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I haven't thought about WoW in more than a passing capacity in a while, and when I do, I'm reminded why. Now I'm gonna drop some characters in an imaginary ocean in front of me while I say goodbye to thinking about WoW until the end of this pandemic at least.

Goodbye Garrosh. Still pissed they couldn't give you a real character and made you evil just for some silly notion of opposite paths with Thrall. *drop*

Goodbye Sylvanas. Shame it took you this long to get any kind of comeuppance, and they've still not committed because they're cowards. *drop*

Goodbye Ner'zhul. Making your tribe a discount Cult of the Damned was one of the most boneheaded decisions in Warlords of Draenor, an expansion that had almost only boneheaded decisions in it. *drop*

Goodbye Thrall. At least I got to see you in action before you were Green Jesus. *drop*

Goodbye Anduin. Maybe you can be fashioned into a better character, but I don't need to be around to see it. *drop*

Goodbye Baine. Wish they hadn't taken away all your backbone. *drop*

Goodbye Vol'jin. Your tenure as Warchief was short, unmemorable and a total failure, because Blizzard never had a half-good idea they couldn't ruin. *drop*

Goodbye Taylor and Nazgrim. Kinda wish you guys had been able to develop further but alas. *drop*

Goodbye Pandaria. I hate you. *drop*

Goodbye all Warcraft Dwarves. I like you, but not enough to stick around after everything Blizzard's done to WoW. *drop*

Goodbye Warcraft Trolls. Shame Blizzard tried to make you unsympathetic villains for so long. *drop*

Goodbye Vrykul. Wish we could have touched on your role as humanity's progenitors more. *drop*

Goodbye Varian, Jaina and everyone else in Heroes of the Storm. I liked that game when it first launched, but it's turned into a nightmare of useless rubbish, lootboxes and characters I don't care about, and I haven't played it in years. *drop*

Goodbye Thunderlord Clan. If only we got to work with you instead of those boring Frostwolves. *drop*

As for all of you on the forum? I won't drop you in anything. I'll just say goodbye. Nice talking to most of you.
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