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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
Handclaw to the rescue! I left Blizzard after 1 month of D3, and returned brifly for SC2:HotS to find a somewhat lackluster experience... Don't know if I'll give SC2:LotV a chance.

I'm still wondering why the hell they don't create a new program called ARCADE or BATTLE.NET focusing on Galaxy Editor mods, with SC2 as the biggest one, and try to revive the scene. The probably don't give a damn or are just stupid, after all the failures of these last years, so whatever. Goddamn wasted potential.
Well, it's not saying much, but apparently they still have plans after the release of LotV:

I am handclaw and this is my favorite thread on Scrolls of Lore!... oh wait, nope... Just another bitching thread.
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